Barclay Bowen

Ms. Bowen is responsible for Marketing and Investor Relations at Shelter Growth Capital Partners.  Prior to joining SGCP, Ms. Bowen was a Managing Director at JAT Capital, a CT-based asset management firm, where she oversaw Business Development and Business Management.  Prior to JAT, Ms. Bowen was with Merrill Lynch where she was a member of the Capital Introductions Group.  Ms. Bowen joined the Capital Introductions team from Merrill Lynch's investment banking group, where she worked in Investment Banking Strategy. Prior to that, Ms. Bowen was an investment banker in the firm’s Financial Institutions Group.  Ms. Bowen earned her B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing.


Shelter Growth Capital Partners, LLC (RIA)

SG Capital Partners LLC  (OPCO)